How many have walked in this place without knowing where they put their feet? Who would suspect the footsteps of various kings, archbishops and bishops known? Intrigues,  scandals, it is also that Mantaille! I do not know if one day we will find the splendor of the past or multiple puzzles that surrounds it, but personally, being regularly on this site, I would try  to find in the nooks and crannies that could enlighten us. When you find yourself in the middle of the ruins, you do a good 1200 years in the past. Imagination takes over and you find  yourself out of time! Why this isolated place? Fortress or palace? Which characters have stayed in this place? Never as a building has intrigued me and fueled my imagination. Gradually  souuvent of questions and answers sometimes surprisingly ... Is it fate that attracts me to this place? Why it seems to me that signs make me brought me closer to this place ... Would it  mystical, irrational? 
How to go to ruins of Mantaille? 
To get to Mantaille, 2 routes: From the south or the north (see map) But it makes sense to go through Albon and admire the view and the ruins. Can be reached on foot  from Mantaille Albon, if You have to park in a dirt road after turning north to the village center of Mantaille. Part of the way is hard (15 min). At the edge of the woods you will see the  northern wall. Another passage by the church Baronna, crossing Bancel and amount through the forest. It is recommended not to go in the summer because of the very brambles and  other perennials. Watch out for snakes and other animals (never encountered). The slopes can be very steep, heavy slip consequences. A rockfall may also occur. Not climbing! Caution! 
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