50 meters below the castle we find a river. Here is thus Bancel nowadays...  For fishes it is grated, on the other hand the raw material abounds to build walls: the  famous rolled pebbles...  A path(way) allowed to reach the brook since the castle. 
Here is this conduit closer. We see very well tiles canal used to train the conduit. The  whole is flooded in a concrete. We have here a very strong slope. 
Another way of credit note of the water, is to collect(harvest) her(it): we can see here a  conduct(driving) trained(formed) by two tiles. Can be served it to collect(harvest) rainwater  and to take them towards a tank. The pipe is just enough to follow! This type of construction is  not archaic and does not date the time(period) of Boson! 
Pipe whith tiles. Beaume Cornillane on 2010. 
Belle réalisation que cette conduite pour récupérer l'eau du toit du donjon. Mantaille  disposait d'instalations similaires. Le tuyau en tuile si dessus en est un élément, les  citernes non trouvées à ce jour. 
" The Drôme ", the publishing of the bastion:" of old ramparts, a very thick section of  wall, others collapsed, a well of a big depth, crenels(niches), some vestiges of tasteless  paintings" Example of well to Anneyron. We no desespère not no to find that of Mantaille.  He(it) foudra well to make it, for reason of risk of collapse. 
As any castle which respects itself, Mantaille has to have one or several reservoirs to  contain some water. To get back the rainwater is always good, even if we are above a river  or if we have a well. Here we have a quadrangular reservoir, with what seems to be a  trapdoor on the top. He(it) is trained(formed) d bricks, and of a vault in stones. 
The water is évidement a major problem, because how to live without her? We know that contrary in now, Bancel at the bottom of the castle, supplied water, fishes, energy, to see also a  waterway? Also it has served to build this building. 
Seen in autumn, 2012, this bow(arc), shows the presence of a vault. We shall  notice the pipe in tiles(blows), below on the left, which brings the water of roofs  I presume, in a reservoir. Imbecile, (not other words) breaking up the brick-built  wall, showed that effectively the reservoir was very here. Do not forget that I do not dig(accentuate) holes, I do not make secret  archaeological excavations! Nor of metal detector. This is forbidden by the law.  Thank you for respecting the site of Mantaille and quite different obviously. 
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