On pourra mettre en avant  ce livre qui à été réédité.  On y trouve beaucoup de  témoignages sur des  découvertes  archéologiques. 
Cueil : 
Photo IGN 1967. On apperçoit les bâtiments le long de la 86, mais pas l’extension vers l’arrière.
Plan des ruines découvertes, avant destruction.
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When you found that, you sure it s roman period.
romain blocs
" The valon of Cueil situated between the village of Andance and the plain of St Bôt, is crossed, of the sunset in the east, pa  the brook of the chançon, known the edges of which are lying of numerous say of constuctions gallo romaine lettuces(steelyards),  between the Rhône and the foot of the hillside. The field, which goes along(follows) the left bank of this brook and which the road  cuts in two, recovers the foundations of former(old) walls, numerous rests of gacis Roman. Antique walls recognized themselves  has their horizontal and regular device, in mister Camille Sonier's property.; in some no higher, a wall of the same origin rises  above the sold' approximately one and a half meter; his(her,its) foundations, recently explored, present a longeur of 14 meters:  Extracted from " Study achéologique on Andance and his(her,its) neighborhood " by Abbé Caillet.Two turrets, of round shape,  decorated the outer(foreign) angles of this facade of a Roman building. "  I would make note that we found marble piece there, and among others a marble mutillée statueltte. 
View(Sight) of the building(ship). The Roman structure served to level the ground towards the mountain.
It is not obvious to realize the archaeological wealth of Andance and Andancette when we cross these two cities. And nevertheless, these two cities which(who) in  the roman time trained(formed) the only one as Arles, abounds in vestiges. A single monument and partially visible of our days, the rest being still buried in the  ground, and from time to time stands out(goes out again) on the surface to be better destroyed and scattered. 
To Cueil in the South of Andance, what had to be ponds and fountains of a luxurious villa. The whole destroys now for the warehouses of the establishment Colom between 1935  and 1939. The extension of these warehouses to licence to make one searches(excavations) of protection(saving) and make a partial plan. Galia 1966 page 519 - 520. 
Photo made in 1966 before agrantissement establishment Colom.
Place of the Roman Villa in 2010. Certainly more much of visible.
Sarraziniere Cueil